Superintelligence is a research lab that aims to create a system that allows for the co-existence of humans and AGI, ultimately building transhumans that can operate at an unprecedented level of intelligence and efficiency.

phase one



Superintelligence acts as your very own personal assistant, equipped with the extraordinary ability to handle any intellectual task just like a human would.

Our ultimate vision for Superintelligence app is to become an exact digital replica of your life, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine.

Superintelligence is available across all devices.

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Our goal: to develop an AGI

machineOS is where the powerful fusion of human and machine intelligence which leads to extraordinary results beyond individual capabilities. The ultimate goal of humanOS is to develop an agi that allows humans collaborate harmoniously with intelligent systems to tackle intricate challenges and elevate decision-making to new heights. The seamless exchange of knowledge between humans and machines, will open up the exciting possibility of expanding cognitive abilities beyond current limitations.

machineOS is transformative journey towards enhanced intelligence and boundless potential.

phase two


In our quest to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), ethics becomes our unwavering compass. At Superintelligence, we prioritize responsible development, safeguarding against misuse, bias, and the erosion of values. AGI is poised to augment human potential, promote fairness, and create a harmonious world. With AI ethics as our guiding principle, we shape a future where technology uplifts humanity and fosters a better tomorrow.

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